When photographer’s meet.

Ps. before you read this, it may seem dorky. I am 6 months pregnant and everything is emotional to me. I am not even going to lie. 🤣 Please enjoy.

I would say that at almost every single wedding I have ever photographed someone comes up to my assistant or myself to talk “photography”. A lot of people relate to it. They have either tried their hand at it once upon a time, have had their portraits taken, used to use film & processes it. The list goes on.

Usually most of my couples inform me if there is someone in the bridal party / family that is a photographer or a want to be photographer. It always makes me a little nervous but it does let me know what I can expect! My bride Ashley did not do that, which maybe for good reasoning.

As we are setting up for formal family photos inside of the church at Ashley + JP’s wedding her dad came up and was chatting as we were getting ready. He’s asking me about lighting & he told me he used to be a photographer. I take another look at my list of names and now start thinking hmmmmmm…. he knows a little too much. It clicked. I remember his name from the foil stamped albums that my parents have from their wedding. HE WAS my parent’s wedding photographer. I told him this and he instantly remembered who they were. Ironically we were also standing in the same church that my parent’s were also married in where he would of taken their photographs. I’ve loved photographs since I was young. My mom was very dedicated to organizing them and having them all in albums. Even though they were fun to look at they became even more important with her passing in March 2022.
It was fun telling Carter that I have inherited an album from my parent’s wedding day with their wedding photos in it after my grandpa passed away this last June. I still look at it. It became very sentimental with it being apart of something that I also do. It’s value to me just increased now getting to meet the photographer of the images.

Carter Matson (Carter Matson Photography) photographed in the Minot, North Dakota community for 30+ years. In that time he perfected traditional wedding photography. He started as a senior in High School at age 17 and didn’t quit. Which really hit home to me because that is where I got my start as well.
He really comes across as the type of guy that would go above and beyond for anyone, especially his wedding couples. Something I have also strived to do. Carter told me that night he even went to the extent of purchasing a motor home and converting it with seats to pick up his couples & wedding parties to take them to different locations for photos.

Meeting people like Carter unexpectedly at weddings and having some kind of connection just warms my heart. Being a photographer is no easy task. I completely admire how many years he did it for and his dedication to the craft. I would talk photography with him any day of the week.

Also, how the heck am I good enough to photograph his daughter’s wedding. 🤣🤣🤣

Moral of this story. If you haven’t gotten photos printed in a very long time or if your wedding images are sitting on a jump drive somewhere get them printed. You never know what it could spark in the next generation. Also, if you get your photos taken by a professional. Buy a couple prints from them. They will love you for it forever & ever.

Enjoy some of Carter’s Images from my parent’s wedding in 1991

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