Studio #2

I really had no intentions on moving spaces. I looked, but never actually did anything. Then about that time – my neighbors at my current place I am renting got kicked to the curb.

Their spot was directly next to mine. I was here taking photos when the landlord was here and told me what happend, I then went and looked at the spot with him and said I would totally rent this spot instead!

So here we are!

In about a week with the help of my hubby, sweet sweet friend – natalia, and dad we made it look like a place I want to be! Just like the last spot, the ugly brown walls had to go. These rooms took me a whole week to paint and that was with help from Natalia and my Dad. I am happy to say that I am not looking forward to painting anything for a while, even if I have to.

I am most excited to have an office outside of my home. For the past 4 years we have had a home office. In the past year it has been a struggle to leave the home office and actually go to bed. I would stay up working until 3am most nights, then wake up around 10am, and do it all again. Bad, bad habits. Now I just can do that here I am excited to have little bit of separation between work and home. What ever the heck that is? hahaha

This space also has a storage closet!!!!! YAY! Something that the other space didn’t have – leaving me extra cramped with my clients.

Suite #1 has held so many great memories for my first studio ever. But being right down the hall in room #3 – is much much better.

I can not wait for you all to stop by and check it out! (:

March 11, 2021

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