DIY Flower Preserving

Being a creative means that you more than likely are creative in many different areas. Or just like me, and willing to give anything a shot lolol.

I photographed a wedding for some of our very close friends in December 2020. They did a beautiful elopement styled wedding. Due to covid, it was just the two of them. I had mentioned that she should keep the flowers and do something with them. After brainstorming for a while. We came up with the idea of making little keychains with the flowers from the wedding to give to both of their families! This way they had something from their big day!
There were tons of flowers that could be used for something, so we made other things as well!

I personally have never done resin art, but I am always game to try anything creative!

I made:
♥Ring Holder Prisms
♥Small preservation frame (not pictured)

After doing this project, I now have a new love for resin projects!!!! Like do you know how many fun things that you can make with this stuff!!!! The possibilities are endless!

Here are pics of the stuff that I made!

From making resin art, I have learned………

♥ Dry the flowers first. I did put the flowers in rice for about a week before I started. I did get the flowers in kinda a yellowing condition since I left before them, and then my husband had to get them from the groom 4 days later. Do take time to dry / press them first. You can also use silica gel to dry them (expensive) Rice worked ok, but not as well as I wished.

♥ Patience is KEY! This stuff takes 24+ hours to cure. Some items will need additional layers of resin.

♥ STIR, STIR, STIR. If you think you did not stir the resin enough, stir some more. Popsicle sticks also work the best for stirring.

♥ GLOVES ARE NON OPTIONAL! I am not even kidding. You also need to protect your work area. I will also say making everything you are using easily accessible, because it gets messy. Everything gets really sticky and hard to grab lol.

Overall, I would rate this a 10/10 project & highly recommend if you have flowers at your wedding & want to keep at least a couple of them!

Items that I used in this project! (:

(Resin art is huge, check your local Hobby Lobby / Michaels for supplies)

Disc Mold (actually from the baking section at hobby lobby, but it’s silicone so it works lol)
Prism Mold & supplies
Measuring cups ( you will be happy you got these silicone ones!)

Other items you will need:
Plastic Drop Cloth / Gloves / Popsicle sticks / Lighter to go over it to get any surface bubbles off / Sand paper to touch up any rough edges / Tweezer if placing small items in the resin

Good luck! I’d love to see your projects!!!

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