This year was crazy in every single aspect. If your reading this in 2021 you are well aware why – but I am going to spell it out for future self to look on to.

We made it through a global pandemic, shut downs, extreme changes in life, and so much more. This year has had its fair share of up’s and downs for everyone. I feel like if I write that 2020 was a good year that it may create some kind of karma to make 2021 a little more challenging. Let’s just walk in to 2021 real quietly DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING.

In all realness-2020 wasn’t absolutely horrible to me. 2020 will go down as one of my most memorable years. Instead of talking about all the negative – I want to recap on the good things for me to look back on! I plan to make this a yearly occurrence, because so much does happen in 365 days.

JANUARY 2020 – Bini accepts Job offer in Bismarck, ND
My hubby is my ride or die. He doesn’t like it when I talk about him like this – but he deserves to be cheered on too for all of his successes! He got an amazing job offer in Bismarck, ND the beginning of January & we moved him around the 16th of January. This raised so many questions if I was moving? Am I staying here? Will you move eventually? I didn’t even know these answers. For the time being we moved him to an apartment downtown and was going to see how the rest of the winter went.

JANUARY 30th, 2020 – Bini accepts job offer in Williston, ND
At this point – ya girl is already stressed out. lolololo. We moved Bini to Bismarck only for 2 weeks for him to get an even better job offer in the big city of Williston. (that is a joke if you dont get it) Williston isn’t much – but I couldn’t be happier for him to accept something that he has worked so hard for. Moving isnt fun. But we made it through moving to two different cities in 2 weeks. At this point in my life- I was very anxious from all of this change, it caused me to have TMJ (if you don’t know, your lucky) Basically, when I would sleep I would clench my jaw so hard together it was causing me extreme pain. After many trips to chiropractors, doctors, and dentists. The pain finally went away. Yay!

APRIL 8TH, 2020 – Zoey turns 6!
Those of you that know me, know how much I love my little dog. She is my fur baby. It is hard to believe that she is already 6. I have enjoyed so much time with her and her spunky little attitude. Bini gave her the new nickname of “CEO” – Chief Entertainment Officer. She has helped me through a lot, and love having her as my companion as I spend lots of time editing, and working.

JUNE 8TH, 2020 – Signed on first commercial lease!
Never in a million years would I think that I would be able to sign for something so big. Well its not that big, but it’s better than my home. Being in North Dakota, and photographing seniors, little kids, and more. It was nice to have an alternative place to meet clients- or take pics incase the outdoors isnt working out that day. I spent a lot of time photographing in my house. However when your busy, and trying to do photos, and keep a house clean. It isn’t possible. Therefor it was time to look for a place to rent. Now this place isn’t overly expensive or fancy. But it is home for now. I am so grateful for Meg helping me paint the room. It was a horrid dark brown color. With her amazing painting, it was made in to the cute little room it is today.

SEPTEMBER 25TH, 2020 – Put in my notice at my full time job!!!!!!
Along side of never thinking I would be able to sign a lease for a small property. I did it. I put in my notice at my full time job. After being overly tired for about a year ongoing – I wasn’t benefiting myself, my full time job, or my photography business. My plate was overly full. I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing and after discussing for several months if I would be financially able to start paying myself something I did it. This took the biggest tole on me all year by far. Many, many tears were had – but it happened. 12 year old Lindsey was freaking ecstatic. But 24 year old Lindsey was in a little bit of a panic

There were also some many other moments this year that made 2020 memorable for the better & worse. We all made it! Thank goodness. I am beyond excited for 2021 (shhhh… dont tell anyone). I have goals, dreams, and asperations for this year. I am going to take it a day at a time & see what happens (:

2021 – we got this!!!
1. Normal sleep schedule – currently going to bed at 2am, and waking up at 10:30am is a horrible habit I need to kick….
2. Schedule self-care time – This is something I am horrible at. I put days on my calendar as “off” and then guess what I do… schedule sessions
3. Balance everyday activities – For being an overly organized person – procrastination has just kicked my but since working from home. I need to find a balance and stay on a schedule.
4. Video – I am still wanting to pursue this & beyond excited to experiment more!

I also have a laundry list of equipment I wish I had, other things I want to do, and update for the new year. A day at a time – we will make it.

Thank you everyone that has been apart of my 2020. Thank you for getting me where I am right at this moment. I can’t wait to meet more friends in 2021.

Much Love & Happy New Year, Lindsey

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