Cortnee + Arsène | December 17th, 2020

Despite everything in a global pandemic – love doesn’t stop.

2020 Brides and Grooms all across the world have been through a year and back. Changing of plans, extra expenses for changes, stress, and so much anxiety. Arsène + Cortnee were originally supposed to have their large wedding in Minot, ND this past spring.

So not only did they have wedding planning stress this year…. but they have also been separated by the Canadian/US Border for 9 months due to travel restrictions. 9 MONTHS!!!!! Can you imagine?? That is a long time.

I was beyond honored these two choose me to go to Las Vegas, NV to be a tiny part of their elopement pictures, and video. They are some of our sweetest friends of Bini and I. You can read more about it in their engagement post!

Cortnee + Arsène chose to celebrate their day with love with each other. No guests, just the two of them. As I type this- it gives me chills. To be with the person that you love more than anything in the world is so special. They were surrounded in nature with all the love in the air sent by family and friends from afar.

Elopements & small weddings are becoming more of a thing. Just in over the past 10 years I feel like weddings have gotten a little out of hand. Just in the past 2 years I have photographed weddings with 300+ guests. That’s a lot! Now every single wedding I have photographed has had the most amazing couples ever. However I have attended many weddings – where it is just way over done to prove some kind of point to someone. You spend $10,000 or even more for one day. That’s a lot. I look back on my own day and think….. all of that money, was it worth it? Now don’t get me wrong – I loved my own wedding so much. Small weddings aren’t forever one. I get that – you should have your family and friends there to celebrate! Elopements aren’t for everyone – however if you do go that route, I promise you will remember it and love being in the moment as well.

I can’t ever repay them for the love that they give me and support for my creative journey. While I wasn’t able to attend their actual elopement (they got an amazing package from an awesome company that takes care of everything)

I did get to spend time with them for about 24 hours and take pictures around Las Vegas last week before they went and officially said “I do”. After this little adventure and going to Arizona the month prior – I understand people that are traveling photographers. IT WAS AMAZING & I AM IN LOVE!

I will always remember this day.

It was also my official first wedding video! YAY!!!! Let me tell you – it was hard for me to get through capturing this, and editing their video….. I KEPT CRYING……

Watch it and let us know what you think in the comments. As I know I have much to improve on, I feel it went pretty well for being by myself and capturing photos at the same time.

Wedding Planning: Cactus Collective Weddings
Officiant: Peachy Keen Unions (Angie)
Videographer (of wedding): Impreza Films     
Makeup/Hair: Laci @ Amelia C & Co Hair & Makeup
Tux: Fiancee Bridal
Dress: NWL Contemporary Dresses
Jewelry: Olive & Piper 
Earrings: Hillberg & Berk 
Ring: Vera Wang Love Collection
Mask / Veil / Pocket Square/ Bowtie: Adacsi Fashion
Transportation: Presidential Limo
Hotel: Bellagio
Vow Books: Starboard Press

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