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One thing that I will hold deeply with being a photographer is the people that I get to meet. The stories I get to help tell. This is going to sound completely off the wall & kind of full of myself….. but hear me out….. I believe that it takes a special person with a gift to do that.

Every single one of my brides & grooms has amazing qualities that make them unique. Their love stories are all so different. I would like to say ( and they can prove me if I am wrong) I vibe with all of them.
Getting to know each and ever single one of them is important to me. Not to just be nosy, but if I befriend them – I ultimately do my job better. Everyone in this world, I don’t care who you are. Wants to feel loved, wanted and befriended. So why wouldn’t I do that with my business.

This all came about from my personal wedding. When I look back at my wedding and relationship with my photographer – there wasn’t one. I went through a company, and they assign one of their photographers based on who is available that day. Don’t get me wrong – they do INCREDIABLE work for other people. But for us, it just wasn’t that. I look back at that day & my husband will tell you the same thing. We wished we would of selected someone else to be our photographer. If ANY one of my brides thought that – I really would be devastated.

I also believe that if we would of had any kind of relationship with our photographer – that maybe it wouldn’t be something that would forever be in the back of our minds on how not great of an experience it was. Our photographer didn’t know us as a couple or individually. I am not even sure if they read our questionnaire that we filled out.

I remember taking our engagement photos and the whole entire time we were whispering to each other how awkward and weird this was. After receiving the photos (at this time I was not a “photographer”) I made comments like – “We can’t really even see my husband in these photos, like he is really , really dark”. I then mentioned this 3 more times leading up to the wedding. On a phone call, in person, and on our questionnaire. FINALLY- after waiting 5 months to get our gallery back (which that is another topic, don’t get me started on..) We got them, and the same thing. Some of the photos you couldn’t even see him….. it was just eyes, and a dark blob.

After a month or so we received a follow up questionnaire & it asked if we wanted to have anything fixed. I mentioned these problems. Instead of re-editing the images, we were offered a $200 print credit for a bunch of photos with my husband looked like a blob. Poor Bini. Also like simple things. I don’t have a picture of him and I together where my whole dress is showing. Like what…. ( I did re-edit the images myself…. sorry not sorry.. sue me )

Later on – I end up second photographing for this company. After 5 weddings, I knew that this wasn’t a fit. I didn’t want to photograph with people who didn’t really care.

Since that, I have dedicated myself to being the difference to my couples. I didn’t know that this was even a thing until I started doing research, and took some classes. But there are a lot of photographers out there that offer an “experience”. If I would of known that, I would of booked someone else………

Moral of the story. They may take ok photos, but will they do the same for you? & how will they treat you? Your wedding photographer is the vendor you spend your whole entire day with. You may not have them in photos, but you will remember how they made you feel.

And that is why we did the Sips & Succulent party! Sorry guys – you can’t get rid of me yet! For my very first party ever – it went great. I had a handful of some of my brides come and make a little dish garden. I enjoyed seeing them connect with each other. It’s crazy to think they may have saw the other one on my social, and now they are real life! They were talking about their days (past and future!) sharing ideas, experiences, tips, tricks, you name it. It was incredible & I can not wait for more #lbinibride get togethers! & next time we will included the guys!

Thank you for being my tribe, and loving me like I love you all!

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