Amanda + Cody | October 23rd, 2020

I personally have never lived any where but North Dakota. From living here, and being raised by two very hard working parents is that you do what you have to do. I remember several occasions of my parents not feeling well, but going in to work because they had to. Not that it was great for anyone around – but you know I also have done this in my working years.

But then 2020 arrives, and a global pandemic hits and those “hardworking- North Dakota” mentalities have to go out the window. With the numbers spiking, and everything just kind of going crazy, finding alternatives to do thing is rough. There are jobs that you can’t do from home. Wedding Photography is one of them unfortunately.

One of my friends, even before photography – Beth. Ended up being close contacts with someone that had COVID. She contacted me and several photographers the week of the wedding to step in and help. I feel like this is a blessing in disguise – and a reassurance for myself that I was meant to quit my full time job. If I was working full time still, there would of been no way that I could help Beth or this amazing couple. I would also like to thank from the bottom of my heart the clients that were supposed to have sessions on this same day that all rescheduled & understood so I could help this couple.

This was the fastest I ever did any of my wedding processes. In a perfect world, people book with me several months sometimes years in advance for weddings. So there is this gap of time where we get to meet, talk, plan, readjust, ect. We had 48 hours basically. Amanda- I am so sorry for texting you at 11pm, even though you are a night owl like myself.

Amanda + Cody. These two. Beth told me how happy you guys were, and how you two just love to laugh together. That couldn’t be more true. That is something to cherished and never loose. Thank you for being so sweet, kind, and understanding. I am so grateful that I got to meet & photograph your wedding day.

With the light of everything going on in the world, COVID has changed the wedding game. Some weddings have been postponed, or even completely canceled. The show still went on and I am so glad it did. Having more intimate weddings is just as special, if not more special that a wedding with 500+ guests. You get to interact with all of your guests, and just soak up all the love. They also can be a lot less hectic.

Amanda is such a champ, and conquered all. From last minute family and friends canceling travels and no longer being able to come to their wedding. Then on top of all of that your Maid of Honor becoming close contact with COVID and not being able to be there. You girlfriend made it! & DID IT ALL WHILE LOOKING FLAWLESS!

Your officially married & have forever to go together. I know that you two will build a beautiful life together. It was a pleasure being apart of it. Congratulations again.

Attire: Fiancee
Flowers: Peony Petals Floral & Gifts – Kenmare, ND
Venue: Barn at 52 Pines
Hair: Beyond The Sheers with Shelby
DJ: Porta Party DJ

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