Melissa + Steven | October 2nd, 2020

It’s been a long time since I have ever been so nervous to photograph a wedding.

I remember the day that Melissa & Steven got engaged. I also remember seeing Melissa at the Minot High School Dance Home Show & her asking me to be her wedding photographer. She was telling me her vision. I knew it was completely different than anything I photographed ever. I have only photographed what everyone pictures in their head for what a wedding is. The white dress, tux, and everything else.

Not Melissa – she wanted a burgundy dress, a very dark, romantic, and mysterious vibe. I don’t know about you – but I haven’t ever been to a wedding like that. So it made me a little nervous. All I could think about for weeks was how it was going to be, is the location I picked good enough, ect, ect. (I’m a big overthinker about everything )

Every time I talked to Melissa about her wedding, It made me a little more nervous, mainly because I have high expectations for myself & it would completely destroy me forever if I disappointed her.

Then the wedding day come, and I have all my gear in hand – ready to do this. I went and saw Melissa & she was glowing I saw the dress in person & thought that it couldn’t of been a more perfect color for her.

Then I went in to the event center room.


It was absolutely stunning & completely blew my mind. Melissa’s vision was amazing and not what I was expecting at all. She made & did so many amazing things for her wedding. It was some of the best DIY wedding items I have ever seen.

Melissa & Steven have so much love to give. They are the amazing people that would take you under their wing & tell you how freaking awesome you are. But they wouldn’t ever expect it back. That’s legit wearing your heart on your sleeve.
I am so happy with these images. I am also head over heels happy for these two and their amazing day.

Congratulations you two! You did it!

Dress; JJ House
Bridesmaid Dresses: Fiancee
Venue: Regency
Cake: Oh, Nyla
Cupcake & Treats: Cherry on Top
Makeup: A Cut Above by Amanda
Transportation: Always a Good Time Party Bus
DJ: TJE Entertainment
Videographer: Indak Media

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