Jodie + Jacob | September 26th, 2020

What can I say, these two are a lot of fun. It seems like yesterday when Jodie called me. She told me she was going to marry this amazing guy. She wasn’t even engaged yet, but knew it was going to happen.

So much can change in a year, pandemics, babies, work, and just life in general. Sometimes things don’t go the way you had planned. As long as you are surrounded by the people you love – there really is nothing better.

I adored their intimate day. It was beautiful & they were surrounded by some of their closest family & friends. I have photographed these two, twice. Every time, I laugh. Especially when Jacob takes my poses a little to seriously and basically whams is fist in to his bride abdomen I actually got scared that he really hurt her. Let’s say, I’ve worked on the wording of that pose a little more.

I also need Jodie to hold a confidence class for allllllll of the BRIDES!!! Girlfriend worked it & wanted all the pictures of her! I LOVED IT . She looked freaking fantastic in that dress. I wish that was the dress I wore on my wedding day❤ That is honestly my dream dress. Don’t even get me started on her stunning veil. I LOVE me a long veil. Slay girlfriend! ❤

Thank you for being such humble people. You guys have some super sweet family that love you all very much. Especially all the members of your bridal party. They made sure you had a great day, and did all the special things despite having to downsize. You guys are truly blessed with the bestest family and friends.

Congratulations Jodie + Jacob.

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