Shannon + Collin | September 12th, 2020

This one hits the feels.

One year ago, I met Shannon + Collin for the very first time at Panera bread. I didn’t even have to talk to them for more than couple minutes to find out they are my kind of people. Now that their big day has passed, it’s a little mind blowing. Go check out their engagement photos too!

Their wedding was filled with all the beautiful moments. (Oh boy- this is where the chills and the tears start rolling down my face… )Every blog post I like to try and recap my favorite moments through out each couple’s special day that really pull at the heart strings. I wasnt even there 20 minutes and Shannon’s daughter Mia comes in looking like the most beautiful little princess there ever was, hugs her beautiful mama & gives her a kiss. The tears started flowing down sweet Shannon’s face. I don’t know what was going through Shannon’s head – but I am sure it was a pretty circling moment to be able to give her daughter something that she could not personally give her. More people to love and care about her.

Along with first looks, I also really love letters.Shannon + Collin wrote love letters to read before their first look. Being able to write down in words how you love someone is priceless. It will always add an extra special moment to your day to be able to read this in quite before your day goes completely full speed and flies past you before you can even realize it.

One of my other favorite moments (other than the whole day) was Shannon’s dance with her papa, and her sweet, sweet mama watching from one of the tables, patting her eye to keep the tears from going down. Now that I am writing this, Ladies why do we wear makeup on wedding days? Shannon’s Papa stopped me a couple times at the dance to tell me how much of a wonderful job I was doing. So when I told him I even had some done – You should of seen the look of amazement on his face. He seriously is the sweetest.

Shannon + Collin have been beyond blessed with each other. Relationships take a lot of work and aren’t always easy. But with the rest of the family and friends of these two, I think we all agree that they were made for each other. You never know what you will find when your online shopping – right Collin?. I joke, because that is actually how I talked to my hubby for the first time, because I was too afraid to approach him in person at work.

I can’t even say enough good things about these two. That I messed up numerous times for dumb things. Mispelling on Programs, website issues, wrong paper types for cards. (yes….I do make mistakes, but if you worked 65 +hours a week you would too – at least I take ownership of it & will do anything I can to fix it) we got them all fixed and handled & Shannon + Collin still like me (I think, or at least until they get their full gallery)

Shannon + Collin , from the bottom of my heart – I wish nothing but good things for you and your family. I was beyond honored to be your photographer for the day. I have so enjoyed being able to capture memories for you to help reminisces about this special day. I would like to thank you for not only being so caring, but kind to me as well. Having couples care about me, like I care so much about them is stuff I dream and wish for.

I will remember this wedding forever & ever. It will be one of my favorites. All the amazing photos, moments, couple, kids, and family that came along with it. Oh, and can’t forget sewing a bridesmaid in to her dress (dang cheap zippers), and taking my first shot.

Congratulations again Mr & Mrs. Barnard

Attire: Fiancee Bridal
Ceremony: First Lutheran Church
Reception: Sleep Inn & Suites
Floral: Flower Box
Cake: Marketplace Foods
Hair: SOS Image

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