Megan + Jordan | June 13th, 2020

It seems like forever and a day since we booked Jordan and Megan’s wedding. These two teachers are some very hard working people and like everyone had to undergo so much change. But in the midst of everything their wedding still went on.
Their wedding was beautiful and personal. The details, colors and everything were to die for. The bridesmaid dresses even had pockets! I just want to be a bridesmaid, and then to have pockets on top of that, what more could a girl want!

Megan and Jordan like all of my couples have some of the sweetest of family. Jordan’s dad is actually pretty big in photography too. It was a lot of fun talking to him about what he likes to photograph, what kind of camera bodies and lenses he has and has used in the past! He actually even shared with me a fun photography product for my flash & currently excited to get one! Every couple weddings there is always a guest that comes and asks me questions and talks about what they use for photography, I always think it is so sweet & oh so cute. But this weekend was refreshing talking to someone that knows what ISO, aperture, and shutter speed is.

One moment from the wedding that really stuck out to me was when Jordan’s sweet grandma came up and talked about Jordan & how he would call her everyday when she was sick with Cancer. That was a very emotional meaningful moment for myself because it reminded me of the relationship I had with my grandma, and how much I loved her, saw her everyday when she was sick. Grandmas are a gift & something to cherish. Another favorite moment of mine was stopping by Megan’s parents house to take pictures next to a carriage that was built by a family member for her parents weddings. HOW SWEET IS THAT <3 These moments sound so simple, but are memories that they will look back on forever. It also says so much about how caring these two are.

I’m still having a hard time believing that this special day has already passed! I am looking forward to see where their love journey goes.

Congratulations again Mr & Mrs Foley!

Wedding Attire: Fiancee Bridal
Ceremony Venue: Bread of Life Church – Minot, ND
Reception Venue: Sleep Inn & Suites – Minot
DJ: Porta Party DJ
Floral: Lexi Lou Floral
Jewelry: Olive + Piper
Hair: Blink & Bliss
Makeup: Brittany Walker
Food: Homesteaders

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