Office built for a Photographer

TODAY….. TODAY has been a day that I have been waiting for, FOR a long time. After Bini taking on his new job, and me gaining a little more space in the house. I am happy to announce I have an office I have always wanted. I am very proud of the outcome.

With anything there is always an before…. This is the before to the office. A hot mess. I was not really intersted in photographing the before at all, but thought- might as well!

After unexpectly moving Bini two times, and numerous things going on in a very short amount of time- the office became a dump. I used to edit in here every day. Then after a slower season I started to edit on my laptop for a little bit. There for I never went in this room and kept the door shut for the 3 months that it looked like this.

I am a very organized person & this was not.

With COVID-19 taking things over, and not doing as many sessions as normal & I had also planned on taking some time to get myself together for the upcoming summer of weddings, seniors, and other sessions! After talking to the hubby we made it official and I started CLEANING! YAY!!!!!

I cleaned everything out, threw things away, and planning on having a large Facebook garage sale on my personal Facebook page in the next weeks (so watch out for that 😉

I was so in to planning this that I even sketched out what I wanted it to look like and I am not good at drawing at all. I got everything ordered that I wanted, that I didn’t have. Which wasn’t much – but with everything being closed, wasnt able to go shop around.

Tonight I got the final piece to the office & now I would like to present to you – my little slice of paradise.

I love this part. I turned my computer to see the outside and to have some more natural light and open up the room. On the wall I have put the word “love” (had this forever, and no place to put it) – with a place to put all the thank you notes that I have received since being “Lindsey Bini Photography”. First off, I LOVE handwritten thank you notes. Like so much. They are the best gift I could ever receive. I hand write a thank you note for every session I do. (with the exclusion of this past month…… I ran out, and you know whats been going on)

With being a creative, sometimes this thought of not being good enough, or not doing enough can pass through your mind. So when I am staring at my images on the computer, and have a thought of that “What the heck am I doing” or “Lindsey, these look like crap, just stop” – I can look up and remember that I am loved by so many of you all, and that if I keep working hard, and improving, I will do amazing things. Rome wasn’t built in a night.

With being a photographer- I love seeing my work actually printed, and displayed. So I had printed 3 of my favorite images that I wanted to hang in here to also inspire me. As time goes on these are fun and easy to switch out.

I knew that when I redecorated I wanted my logo some where in here & LARGE! Go big, or go home baby! So I purchased this metal print from one of my favorite printing companies, and by hand I placed every rhinestone. Because sparkles… duh!

I searched long and hard for a shelving that I loved, durable, and matched. I found this at Target & fell in love! It is perfect to hold all my favorite things. I also made it a little fancier with some $10 lights with a remote from Amazon, because why not?

I just love these white frames from Hobby Lobby. I placed a couple of my favorite photos of my biggest fan in them! Along with my cute little pink instant camera.

This evening when I was taking picture of the office, Zoey wanted to check on me and what I was doing and discovered the new furniture & I think she approves.

After a long day, here is a self portrait of me in my cute little office. My house isn’t the biggest, or the newest, but it is how you make it feel like home. I love this new home office & couldn’t be more proud of the outcome <3

Let me know what you think in the comments or if you have been doing any redecorating in your home!

Desk | Office Max (purchased several years ago, couldn’t find link)
Black Shelves | Target
Shelf lighting | Amazon
Sofa | Home Depot
Pillows | Gordmans & Hobby Lobby
Boxes on Shelf | Hobby Lobby
Floral arrangement | DIY project from Hobby Lobby
Frames | Hobby Lobby (Clearance Find)
Lindsey Bini Photography Sign | Metal Print & put on rhinestones

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