Danika + Jeff | Engagement

When you meet Danika & Jeff – you can’t help but think they are just like meeting up with some old friends. They have an incredible love for one another. During this photo session it was absolutley freezing and had to make a couple stops to warm up – but it was so worth it!

These two have a lot in common and it just makes you melt. They love all things Starwars! Which- I didn’t have the heart to tell them I have never actually seen any of them. I feel like they would still love me either way! Or else tell me to sit down NOW and watch them!

They also have an incredible passion for pups! I just love doggies so much myself!!!!!! They have 3 doggies and Danika is such a caring person that she herself runs a boss babe business caring for fur babies! Make sure you check out her Facebook Page and give it a like! Danika’s Doggy Daycare

The photos of these two just remind me that when you can find that someone that you can be your true self with it doesn’t get an better than that.

Congratulations to these two love birds & I can NOT wait to celebrate your big day!

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