You got married twice?

YEP. You read that title correctly & enjoy before Bini finds out and makes me take this down. lololol.

In the midst of the COVID-19 taking over the world more and more every day. I have been a little down in the dumps. This is supposed to be the time of getting ready for all the fun things to come this summer. Not stuck inside your home. So now more than ever to lighten the mood and remember why I do this and work hard at it everyday, and the root of my passion is……… love story.

Bini has been my rock since we met. He is an amazing man with so many dreams and things that he has accomplished. I had no idea that he was going to be the “one” when I met him, but sure glad he is.

I met Bini while we were working for the same business. Our first date we went to Denny’s. I got pancakes- because if you have never had pancakes at Denny’s you are missing out. I don’t know what they put in them, but YUM!

After several dates and hanging out- I basically begged him to ask me to be his girlfriend. He wasn’t interested in titles at the time because he was just trying to graduate and finish his degree. Which fine whatever. After 4 months of being friends (I guess) We were official!

Fast forward, Bini finished college and we moved in together!

After several conversations we decided to get engaged. Now typing this, and looking back at that period in my life I had no idea what that really meant. I was 20 and not really even have anything figured out.

THE PROPOSAL : The night that it was happening. I had a feeling deep down that it was going to happen and had no interest in going out to dinner or getting ready for anything but bed. We went to the restaurant, and no one was there at all. He then told me “I told you that I wouldn’t propose to you until I was able to take care of you, and I am able to do that now”. (INSERT ALL THE CRYING EMOJIS)

He took the box out of his pocket and started to get one one knee from his chair. (This is where it gets good lol) I say – “Can’t we do this later” *Facepalm* Because I also thought that he was kidding because I had been asking for a while as well. I did say yes.

Aren’t we cute.

WEDDING #1: August 26th, 2016- We were getting married! With my parents, Grandpa, Bini’s best friend- Cyrille & my best friend- Lexi, and some of our other close friends at the time! Seriously 5 minutes the ceremony was over and we were legally married!

Wedding #1 – Ward County Court House – Minot, ND

That is when all the work started. Since Bini isn’t from the United States we had a huge other part that if you want to truly test your marriage more than it already is- go through the immigration process.

Very Expensive & guaranteed to make you rip your hair out. However, completely worth it when you truly love each other. We submitting over 80 some papers to them in October 2016. After waiting anxiously for a long time we finally got our interview in February 2018 & were approved! Yay!

Post Interview Picture – Minneapolis, MN

Then it was time for the real thing to happen! Our BIG wedding.

Our August 2018 wedding not only when Bini and I getting married officially in front of all of our friends and family, but it was a celebration of finally finishing all that work to be able to be with one another.

Wedding #2 08.18.2018

Our wedding was one of the favorite days of my life. I look back on it and think of all the silly little decor things I could of changed, or done differently- but it doesn’t matter. What matters is the amazing people in our lives that helped put it together and be there for us.

I am lucky to have Bini by my side and have him help me pursue my passions and dreams. I hope that he feels I help him as well, because he is pretty remarkable at what he does too.

I can never thank him enough for being my biggest fan and always being next to me to pick up the pieces when I am falling apart & to cheer me on when I am doing great things.

Love never fails.

Love never fails. Bini Wedding. 08.18.2018. Minot, ND

Our Wedding Photos: Sabrina @ Glasser Images

Wedding Attire: Fiancee Bridal (THE BEST STORE EVER)

Hair: A Cut Above by Amanda

Makeup: Artistry by Rachel

Flowers- I made, Faux from Hobby Lobby

Venue: Sleep Inn & Suites

Officiant: Melissa Helgeson

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