10 things you didn’t know

About Me!

I’m very excited to write this post- because you may know that I like taking photos – obviously. But I’m not sure if you know what I really am all about- ya know! All the things that my bestest friends know. & since I consider you all that. Why not tell you too?

So here we go!

Here are ten things that you probably didn’t know about me!!!

  1. Creative from the start…… When I was in high school my bestie-Lexi and I were in a sewing class together with one of my favorite teachers in the whole world. (shout out to Mrs. Risk!) We wanted to start a business and called it “Sweetheart Designs” and we made little bags and all that fun stuff. I then was “Lindsey Kaylor Photography” in 2013-2014. Then with graduating high school my photography dream got put on hold and just started working right away. Then I got a Cricut in 2016 and made some things for people and called that “Labeled Love”, and then that ended and brought back what I really loved.
  2. Only child…… You guessed it- no siblings! Parents had one perfect child. Well…. my dad may say otherwise because I think he loves my little pup more than me ahahahh! Fun fact- I would be considered a “rainbow baby”
  3. ADHD…… younger Lindsey really struggled with school. I was good kid, didn’t get in to trouble. But continually would get so frustrated with myself because I couldn’t focus on a worksheet to save my life. I would get C’s & D’s but would try so hard. Finally was tested at age 16 and got the help I needed and it was like magic- I was able to focus and started to get A’s & B’s
  4. TV…… photography is perfect because I’m constantly moving and staying busy. Sitting down to watch TV or a movie isn’t really my thing. I even rarely have it on for background noise. Weird I know. So if you ask me about any shows- I may not know what your taking about
  5. Music…… So when you don’t watch tv and movies, and don’t always love complete silence- I listen to music! Favorite genre: Rap & Hip-Hop. Currently vibing with Life is Good by Future ft. Drake & also still playing TOES by Da Baby. Probably didn’t expect that did ya?
  6. Re-write…… I have this problem when ever I am writing anything I like to re-write it again, like “perfectly” it is a serious problem. Lists, sticky notes with 3 works, anything- seriously. In school- I would contemplate re-writing my whole notebooks of notes, because I wanted it to look perfect.
  7. Organization obsession…… I feel like I am on top of the world when I can have everything labeled, and looking uniform. I know that isn’t always possible and with how hectic everything has been I have been able to let some of that go- but one day. I will get it back to that.
  8. No coffee please…… My husband one morning told me “I wonder what it would be like if you drank coffee- you are all ready so hyped up” lol well- I don’t know I guess. hahah! Not a coffee drinker and will never be. I’m more of a lemonade, fruit drink of some kind- kinda gal.
  9. Planner…… If you have ever met / worked with me- you know I am a planner. I also carry a paper planner with me where ever I go. I love it. & have done a lot of research to find the perfect planner for me (:
  10. Statement Necklaces…. Over the past several years- statement necklaces have been an closet necessity for me. I have 8 right now that I love so much. Just a nice solid shirt and a super sparkly necklace is basically my wardrobe look.

I hope that from this little light heart read that you read something you didnt know about me! Comment below something that only your best friend knows. I love getting to know people & their stories.

Cheers to more blog posts! Yay!

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