Brittany + Brandon | June 15th, 2019

This wedding gives me so many feelings.

First off let me tell you a little about this amazing duo- The are for real the most down to earth & easy going people you will ever meet. When I met them both for their wedding pre-consult it was like something out of a story book. They live on this adorable farmstead outside of town, and were painting their new sign for their house.

Wedding day comes and I am so sick- I had bronchitis. Bad. By that morning of the wedding I had only been to the doctor once, and was given meds that didn’t really help (you know how that goes).

I will always remember that I could barely talk this whole wedding, sweating from a high fever, and eyes burned like crazy. I usually come home from weddings and look in the mirror and expect a hot mess, this one was a little bit worse lol! ��

But I made it! (I apologize if you attended this wedding- then got sick right after- may have been because of me)

I make my way out there that morning. It stormed back the night before causing for cloudy and muggy morning. With sprinkles here and there.

I always ask couples about their families and who I will be photographing the day of. Brittany had explained that her father had passed away a couple years ago. When I arrived that morning she told me that the last night during the storm there was some crazy lighting out that way and lighting hit only one tree in a very tight cluster of a bunch of other trees and didnt start on fire or anything.

Brittany took the honor of wearing the dress her mom wore when she got married to Brittany’s Dad. It was something very magical and special about that. Having worked at a bridal store for the past couple of winters- a lot of girls seem to get caught up in the moment of finding this “perfect” dress (yes I was one) and Brittany didn’t even have to look to far to find it and it was more sentimental than one she would of found anywhere else.

When it was time for her first look with her brother- the sun started shining. Then turned cloudy again when we were done.

The day with the foretasted scattered rain all of a sudden turned to bright sunshine when it was time for the wedding ceremony.

I firmly believe that her dad was looking down on his little girl. With the tree and sun what more proof do you need?

Weddings are emotional in a more ways that one. Its about starting this brand new adventure with someone you love, but then your heart reminds you of the people that couldn’t be physically sitting there watching this happen.

I captured and witnessed some very vulnerable moments for this sweetheart of a girl and her amazing new husband.

They have an amazing family and some amazing guardian angles in their life.

Thank you Brittany & Brandon (and mama Jacki- for originally contacting me) I admire you all. Your family is so sweet. I look forward to work with you all again!


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